Technologies for development of data business logic in Java: JOOQ and SPL

Many open-source technologies can implement the business logic focused on database in Java. Among them, JOOQ is more powerful than Hibernate in computing power, and more powerful than MyBatis in migratability, thereby getting increasing attention. Likewise, esProc SPL, as a new data computing language, is also outstanding in terms of computing power and migratability. This article will compare them in many aspects so as to find out the one that is more efficient in developing data business logic. JOOQ commercial edition mainly supports commercial database and stored procedure, which will not be discussed in this article.

Language features

Programming style

JOOQ supports complete object-oriented programming style, which can combine multiple objects (methods) together to form a SQL-like syntax logic. JOOQ can use Java's Lambda expression, function call interface, and flow control syntax, and also supports function-oriented and
procedure-oriented in theory. However, since these expressions/syntaxes are not specially designed for JOOQ's structured data objects (Result), it is inconvenient use them. continue reading →